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    A great calamity befell the civilized world some 200 years ago. Somewhere deep in the rocky caverns of the world, a great yawning mouth was opened. There, lit red by the shimmering magma, some profane ritual was performed by entities unknown that summoned forth a giant, writhing wyrm that began consuming the very foundations of the world and caused massive, endless quakes that toppled the great kingdoms of the past.


    After months of panic and confusion, the source of the land's torment was divined and a ragtag group was assembled. Many great minds and brave warriors had perished in the recent upheavals, but miraculously, a small team of unknown and ill-prepared adventurers was successful.


    Their descriptions and even their names remain shrouded by the urgency of that great moment. None ever made it back out alive to tell the tale in full, but after a particularly violent quake, the land suddenly, and finally, came to rest. Great relief followed, and even a period of rebuilding, but those aspirations were cut short.


    It all began in the seas, where a thick, gelatinous ooze began to wash ashore, dissolving whole sections of beach in its wake. The substance seemed to leak from the earth's very core, and it gradually turned the waters of this world a putrid green. The rains became agonizing showers of acid.


    It seemed that whatever otherworldly monstrosity, summoned to devour the earth, had in its death bestowed one final curse. The wyrm's blood was now a blight upon the land. Many creatures could not survive this new reality, but others were strangely changed and managed to survive in unexpected ways.


    The once noble races of the surface have each suffered mightily, and as one might expect, their stations in this world have suffered as well. They each fight to survive and do their best to adapt to the bizarre new order of things. Some even work together, crafting a new beginning and kindling hope for the future.

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