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    There are 7 playable races to choose from that each come with their own unique perk and set of skills & professions they are adept in.



    Already few in number, the lithe and inquisitive Catfolk enjoyed a pure, organic existence in their jungle homeland. Before the recent troubles, they lived lives of relative leisure, passing a sleepy afternoon with some lazy fishing, playfully stalking some hapless creature from high in the jungle canopy, or enjoying the effects of produce grown in their tropical fields of psychoactive plants. Now though, the great jungles have all but shriveled and rotted away under the onslaught of acid rain that falls in torrents during the rainy season. Through no fault of their own, they find themselves unable to rely on nature in the way they once did, and have adapted by taking a more active role in producing food and handling animals. They'll need all their grace and cunning to survive and endure the trials to come, but they don't seem particularly worried about it.


    Infinite Perk: Speed

    Adept Skills: Acrobatics & Taming

    Adept Professions: Cultivating +15% & Fishing +5%



    The secretive Dhampir were one of the few races that had some forewarning about the calamitous events that sundered the old kingdoms. Wisdom born of ages spent in hiding among the mortal races has served the Dhampir well in recent times. While many of their favored hideouts have been swallowed into the crumbling earth, or submerged beneath the rising ooze, they inhabit many of the finer ruins still above ground. There they tend to the fading coals of the great sciences that once illuminated so much of the old world. It is rumored that without their delicate constructs and potent alchemy, many would have long since passed into madness over the years, or given in to their more primal urges and dark hunger.


    Night Perk: Night Vision

    Adept Skills: Swords & Alchemy

    Adept Professions: Infusing +15% & Hunting +5%



    The cavernous depths beneath this world were carved and quarried, stone by stone, over thousands of years, by the Dwarves. The loss of that homeland, drowned and dissolved in the acidic blood of a dead monster, has all but broken the spirits of the proud, stoic Dwarven race. Without the great carvings and reliefs, that gloriously detailed the lives of their ancestors and long adorned the halls of their cities, the Dwarves feel as though they are losing their identity, and even their memories. Even still, their gifts with the working of stone have not abandoned them, and new mines are being dug already, guided by the wisdom and strength of Dwarven hearts and hands, as if grasping back into the earth, toward their ancestral home.


    Day Perk: Efficiency

    Adept Skills: Mining & Excavation

    Adept Professions: Blacksmithing +15% & Enchanting +5%



    If any race has struggled to find a purpose in this new world, it is the elves. Being born an elf, high in the ancient boughs of a towering forest city, was once akin to being born having already lived a thousand lives. But now, stripped of their nobility and cast into a hostile, godless wasteland, many elves have taken on a decidedly gloomy effect. Their keen senses overwhelmed by the stench of the old world's corpse, they have grown jaded and sarcastic. Often encountered in the wilder, more dangerous parts of the world, the elves are a reckless, feral shadow of their former selves. They seem to be daring this world to finish them off, and regularly risk their lives hunting the abominations found in the furthest reaches of the wastes. As such, they can be reluctant, even obnoxious, allies, but can also be fiercely loyal to any who earn their trust.


    Day Perk: Increase Damage

    Adept Skills: Archery & Repair

    Adept Professions: Hunting +15% & Provisioning +5%



    Always industrious, the expansive, haphazard cities of the human race were completely unprepared for, and devastated by, the violent quakes of 200 years ago. The loss of life and culture was incalculable. However, the notoriously short memories and adaptable nature of the humans have allowed them to bounce back, perhaps better than any other race. Already their efforts to re-clear, settle and farm in among the remains of the past outstrip those of the other, shall we say, "moodier" races. Quick to make friends and generous with their drinks, something about a human's relatively short lifespan seems to prevent them from dwelling too much on the past, preferring to get on with the challenges of today. As an old human saying goes: The seeds of tomorrow's fortune are sown in times of sorrow.


    Night Perk: Saturation

    Adept Skills: Axes & Woodcutting

    Adept Professions: Provisioning +15% & Cultivating +5%



    The clever, enigmatic and fox-like Kitsune remain something of an oddity among the races. Shy and exchanging few words, they rarely entering villages by day, but their diminutive forms can sometimes be glimpsed scampering just out of sight along the outskirts of town. Before the collapse of civilization, the Kitsune were regarded as devious sprites, playful but with a twisted sense of humor, and not to be interacted with without an abundance of caution. Some of the most famous adventurers of the old world came from among the Kitsune and most vanished without a trace after their heroics. It seems whenever the world is in need of saving, some Kitsune will put down their tricks and games, and take up the world's woes with grim determination. Their skill with both blade and spell is legendary. Pushed into closer contact with the other races in recent years, some of their mystery is wearing off, but most folks still keep a close eye on the Kitsune whenever they appear.


    Day Perk: Jump

    Adept Skills: Herbalism & Swords

    Adept Professions: Enchanting +15% & Infusing +5%



    One day is very much another to the Nagaji. Today it is sunny. Tomorrow the earth is shaking. And the day after that, the world is gone. A Nagaji wouldn't even blink. One could have watched the collapse of the civilized world, all the destruction, the pain, and horror, without a hint of emotion. The Nagaji have changed the least of any race still walking the world. Often found digging for heavy metals in the mountains, their diet consists mostly of fish, which despite the growing contamination, the Nagaji continue to eat even though the often putrid, unnatural flesh no longer nourishes as it once did. It would, however, be foolish to carelessly assume their depleted, sickly appearance of late indicates an underlying physical weakness. A Nagaji can still kill in the same effortless, detached way they did before the fall: with their bare claws.


    Day Perk: Damage Resistance

    Adept Skills: Unarmed & Fishing

    Adept Professions: Fishing +15% & Blacksmithing +5%

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