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    Your island is your own little pile of debris and expanding it should be your main focus. When you first start your island you will gain access to a list of island challenges that will reward you with items upon completing them. You will also find a small chest full of items to help you get started on the first few challenges.
    If you would like to customize your island settings there is a handy GUI that makes that easy. Within this GUI you can toggle certain flags on/off to your likely. By default all the flags the make your island safe are toggled on.
    If you prefer to play with friends you can invite up to 3 other players to your island or join another players island. The original creator of the island is the owner of that island and thus has the final say on all the island settings and has the power to kick any player off the island.
    • If you leave the island you keep your money and inventory.
    • If you are kicked off the island you keep your money but lose your inventory.

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