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    Flotsam Isles is a survival island RPG in Minecraft. You start your journey by choosing from 1 of the 7 playable races. Each race has a unique perk and has skills & professions they are particularly adept in. Once you choose your race you will likely want to become familiar with Flotsam Tower and the surrounding docks, arenas and marketplace.
    After getting familiar it's time to start an island of your own or join another players island. If you choose to start you own island be sure to check them all out at The Gallery beforehand. Once you join or start an island your main goal is to expand the island and complete a list of challenges all while contending with the surrounding acid water and rain that can swiftly kill you.
    There are 9 in-game ranks you can earn by voting and play time. Each rank you earn unlocks a unique kit with helpful items that you can claim once every 24 hours. When you rank up your previous rank kit is no longer made available to you.
    Earn emeralds and help out the server by voting for us. You can vote up to 6 times per day and be reward with emeralds and Vote Crate Keys. You can spend emeralds at any of the NPC shops found around spawn and you can use the Vote Crate Keys at the Voting Crate which will reward you with one of many different rewards. If you are lucky you'll score a Storm Crate Key which gives you an additional chance of earning an even better reward.
    All cosmetics are earned in game by randomly finding Mystery Crates. When you find a Mystery Crate you can open it inside the Mystery Vault at spawn. If you get rewarded with a cosmetic you already own you will get Mystery Dust which can be saved up to craft a cosmetic of your choice.
    All pets can be purchased with emeralds from the Cultivated Pets store found at spawn. When obtaining a pet you can assign it a skill tree that can be leveled up to unlock special skills to aid you on your journey. By default all players can store up to 3 pets. To get more pet storage considering joining Flo Plus.
    PVP Arena
    The PVP arena is a barebones drop in and PVP arena. There are no rewards except the pride you get from slicing your peers into bits.
    Every 6 months old player files are purged. This means if you have not logged in for a total of 6 months any data files attached specifically to you will be automatically deleted. This process can not be undone.

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