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    The economy is a huge part of Flotsam Isles and being strategic about how your earn guarantees a better experience for you in the end. Just about everything you do will influence you earnings from what race you choose to what professions you focus on and how much you participate in certain events.
    • Auctions - Player ran buying, selling and bidding.
    • Lottery - Automatically ran lottery tickets and rewards.
    • Trading - Safe player to player trading system.
    There are 3 different types of currencies that each are earned and used in different ways. Though you could survive without using any at all its highly recommend to be savvy about earning all 3 types.
    • Money - Earned through through professions and can be used in all player auctions, trading and lottery.
    • Emeralds - Earned by voting, crate rewards and fishing contest rewards and can be used for NPC trading.
    • Nuggets - Earned by competing in the mob arena and can be used on arena upgrades and the arena reward shop.
    There are 7 different professions that all players are automatically employed to upon joining the server. Performing actions in these professions reward you with money you can use for all player economy interactions. The professions are:
    • Blacksmithing - Earn by crafting and repairing tools and armor.
    • Cultivating - Earn by working with crops and animals.
    • Enchanting - Earn by enchanting tools and armor.
    • Fishing - Earn by fishing fish and treasures.
    • Hunting - Earn by killing aggressive mobs.
    • Infusing - Earn by brewing magical potions.
    • Provisioning - Earn by cooking delicious foods.

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