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Players Online
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    <> = Required
    [] = Optional
    /afk [reason] - Toggle afk mode
    /balance - Check your money balance
    /baltop - Check top money list
    /donate <player> [qty] - Donate item you are holding
    /home [home] - Teleport to your home location
    /homes - A list of all your homes
    /ignore <player> - Ignores a player
    /kit [kit] - Opens kit GUI or claims specified kit
    /list - Shows online player list
    /mail [send/clear/read] - Send and receive mail
    /motd - View the server message of the day
    /msg <player> <message> - Send message to player
    /msgtoggle [player] - Toggle private messages
    /pay <player> <qty> - Pay someone money
    /paytoggle [player] - Toggle payments from a player
    /playtime [player] - View total play time
    /playtimetop - Shows list of top players play time
    /prewards - Check playtime rewards
    /rankdown - Decrease your rank
    /rankinfo - View rank information
    /ranklist - List of possible ranks
    /rankup - Increase your rank
    /realname [player] - Check players real name
    /removehome [home] - Remove a home
    /rules - View the server rules
    /reply <message> - Reply to last message sender
    /seen <player> - Check when player was last online
    /sethome [home] - Sets a home location
    /sit - Sit at your current position
    /stats - Check your stats
    /tpa <player> - Send a request to teleport
    /tpaccept <player> - Accept a teleport request
    /tpdeny <player> - Deny a teleport request
    /vote <player> - View voting sites
    /votes - Check your vote count
    /votetop - Check top vote list
    /worth [all/blocks/hand] - Check an items worth
    Auction House
    /ah - Open Auction House
    /ah sell <binPrice> <sellPrice> <bidIncrease> - Put item up for sell
    /ah listed - View your current listings
    /ah expired - View your current listings
    /ah transactions - View all your transaction
    /ai - The main island command
    /ai info [player] - Display info about an island
    /ai create <scheme> - Create an island using a schematic
    /ai go - Teleport to your island
    /ai spawn - Teleport to the spawn
    /ai reset [scheme] - Restart your island and remove old one
    /ai setname <name> - Set a name for your island
    /ai resetname - Reset your island name
    /ai sethome - Set your island home teleport point
    /ai settings - Display island settings
    /ai language - Select your language
    /ai team - Manage your team
    /ai warp <name> - Warp to a players warp sign
    /ai warps - Open the warps panel
    /ai biomes - Open biome change panel
    /ai level [player] - View a players islands level
    /ai top - Show the top ten islands
    /ai challenges [level] - Open the challenges menu
    /marry list - List all married players
    /marry tp - Teleport to spouse
    /marry chat <message> - Private message spouse
    /marry chat toggle - Toggle private spouse chat
    /marry gift - Gifts the item in your hand to spouse
    /marry kiss - Kiss your spouse
    /marry <player> <player> - If you are a priest marry 2 players
    /petinfo - Displays info about your pet
    /petoptions - Change your pets options
    /petname <name> - Name your pet
    /petrelease <pet> - Release your pet
    /petcall - Teleport your pet to you
    /petsendaway - Send your pet away
    /petswitch - Switch between pets
    /pettrade - Offer to trade your pet
    /petskill - View info about your pets skills
    /prof info <profession> <action> - Show specific profession earnings
    /prof stats - Show your professions stats
    /prof top <profession> - Show top players in profession
    /prof gtop - Show top players in all professions
    /prof toggle <actionbar/bossbar> - Toggle payment display output
    /pvpstats [player] - View PVP stats
    /pvptop kills - View top 5 PVP kills
    /pvptop deaths - View top 5 PVP deaths
    /pvptop xp - View top 5 PVP xp
    /pvptop level - View top 5 PVP level
    /pvptop killstreak - View top 5 PVP killstreak
    /races inspect [player] - View players race
    /races preview - Preview races
    /races spawn <race> - Go to a race's spawn
    /racechat <message> - Send a message to current race
    /trade offer <player> - Send trade offer
    /trade accept - Accept trade offer
    /trade deny <player> - Deny trade offer
    /trade log <player> - Check your trade logs
    /trade block <player> - Block player
    /trade toggle - Toggle trades

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